We are a lucky seven!



Alison came to DDG having been out of the country and found it a great way to fit back into London. She performed short-form in Kuwait and solo sketch at The Second City and The Playground. Drama teacher Alison is a member of DDG house team DuckDuckTales and  produces live magazine Never Mind the Newsfeed.

Brendan headshot.jpg


Brendan started going to DDG between Hoopla courses and just never stopped. He spends his evenings playing and plotting with his narrative team The Parentheticals. When not thinking about improv, Brendan is asleep.



A vital cog in Team DDG since Christmas 2015, Dan only got round to taking his first Hoopla course in 2017, and continues to champion the role of the amateur improviser. If not with teams Glow In The Dark, Ramshackle and Historyonics, Dan can be found presenting hospital radio or seeking the perfect cup of tea.



Maddy has attended numerous improv classes since 2015 and somehow joined DDG in June 2016. She plays in 20% Less, DDG team DuckDuckTales, and many other imaginary teams, and has fallen off many real items of furniture. She has been permitted one cat reference. That was it.

Monica Gaga headshot.png


East 15 Acting School grad Monica has had a love for improv since training in it at youth theatre. As an adult she was taught improv at Second City, Chicago, and now loves to play in twoprov Derek's Mojo and teams Piggyback and Nu Z Land. If you see Monica say hi: she’s always happy to chat.

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After joining DDG back in July 2015, Steff took to the show as he does to most stuff: with excitement, hugs and far too much hair. Having trained with Hoopla, Steff plays in DDTales, Gorilla Panic and Glow in the Dark. He is otherwise eagerly awaiting the next DDG; luckily, Monday's never far away.


Vic founded DDG in 2014 and learned improv with Keith Johnstone via US schools UCB, iO West and Second City and with many UK schools and teachers. She has an MA in Applied Theatre (Goldsmiths) and offers corporate improv solutions: The Offer Bank. Vic thinks you look great with your hair like that.