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DDG Improv Jam!

Fill your hearts, minds and rucksacks with the joys of improv at another majestic DDG jam! This week’s guests are:

Obonjo vs Obama! Mesmerisingly mirthful character-based twoprov starring the terrific Tai Campell.

Buffet Improv! Tuck in to a whole feast of fun, each game they pack into their narrative a veritable vol-au-vent of joy.

The Bad Kidz! Too cool for school and the nightmare of nerds everywhere, these bodacious bffs are busting out of detention to bring you some rad twoprov.

Plus, YOU! Give your name to one of the hosts to give yourself to the improv powers.

Earlier Event: May 6
DDG Bank Holiday Jam!
Later Event: May 20
DDG Improv Jam!