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DDG Improv Jam!

Christen the new week with the heavenly gift of improvisation! This week's Holy Trinity of hilarious acts are:

The Ed and Bryn Festival! Messers Fargher and Salisbury venture into the circus of silliness to introduce you to the wildest characters this side of madness.

Dr Ridikkulus! Make sure you're sitting comfortably, as this team bring you the greatest story never yet told. Or written. 

United! Get ready to assemble the team of your dreams, as a plethora of familiar faces and mystery guests gather to scale the heights of hilarity.

Plus: YOU! Get in on our fabled audience jams to appear on stage in two-person scenes and a montage. It's as great as you are. Free show!

Earlier Event: October 8
DDG Improv Jam!
Later Event: October 22
DDG Improv Jam!