DDG Improv Jam!

  • Effra Social 89 Effra Road London, England, SW2 1DF United Kingdom

At this week's fantastic DDG Improv Jam, we've got...

Shoes And Socks! Amanda Farley and Rebecca Schuster are two performers. With one show. An experience never to be repeated. They said lightening never strikes twice... They were wrong.

A Threesome! Carleen Macdermid, John Agapiou and Leo Mendoza. That's hot. They're doing a "bastardised Krompf". That's even hotter.

The Committee! 8 of London's funniest people [citation needed] create a story before your very eyes.

All that, and our audience jams and montages! Come and show us what you've got!

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DDG Improv Jam!
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DDG Improv Jam!