DuckDuckTales is DDG’s house team

A ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’-style format from DDG's narrative house team, inspired by the mighty ‘Control Issues’ show at the Hideout Theatre, Austin, Texas.Our narrator takes a genre and title from you, the audience, and the team stage a story where each twist and turn is also decided by you! Would you rather see the elf... steal a sword or torture a wizard? Should the hero... stand up to the bully or set fire to the school? Does the cop... take a bribe or march for peace? You decide! And decide again!


Upcoming gigs:
Wednesday 26 July at DDG presents No Guts No Guano, The Nursery Theatre, Liverpool Street (8pm, free)
Monday 31 July at DDG Improv, Effra Social, Brixton (8pm, free)

DuckDuckTales at Bracket Racket at the Star of Kings, Kings Cross