DuckDuckTales is DDG’s house team

A ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’-style format from DDG's narrative house team, inspired by the mighty ‘Control Issues’ show at the Hideout Theatre, Austin, Texas. Our narrator takes a genre and title from you, the audience, and the team stage a story where each twist and turn is also decided by you! Would you rather see the elf steal a sword or torture a wizard? Should the hero stand up to the bully or set fire to the school? Does the cop take a bribe or march for peace? You decide! And decide again!

DuckDuckTales is coached by London narrative improv legend Mike Hutcherson.
Mike is founder and director of Glitch: The Improvised Puppet Show.

NEXT SHOW: Classic Andy’s Improv Comedy Party. Friday 21st December. The Nursery Theatre, London.


Photo credits for above: Amar Chundavadra, Mariana Feijó.