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Improvisation Comedy: Commanding Your Audience

  • Richard Hoggart Building SE14 (map)

Come and learn improv comedy at the internationally renowned Goldsmiths College.

This course is designed to train you to think on your feet while having a great time exploring your own comic potential. In six weeks you’ll increase your confidence, improve your body language and become more positive across a range of situations.

Uncover your funny side (without any pressure to be funny) while becoming more confident, creative and collaborative. Improv is about being present in the moment, listening carefully and contributing freely. Above all, it is about being open to and accepting of new situations and possibilities.

Why study this course?
• You’ll learn all the key principles of improvisation. 
• You’ll increase your overall confidence. 
• You’ll feel more in command of social situations, presentations and public speaking.
• You’ll be a better listener and collaborator; happy to agree and build on a given moment.
• You’ll become more creative and imaginative.
• You’ll feel more comfortable in the present moment.

Your teacher is Victoria Hogg. Vic is an experienced improvisation and applied theatre facilitator who specialises in safe space and low-risk, high-reward attainment. You'll meet new friends and learn a whole new skill set while having a lot of fun.

Please email Vic directly at with questions or go to Goldsmiths College Short Course to learn more about the course and to sign up.